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Every component that makes up our packaging is Zero Waste, from the Compostable Sweet Pouches to the Biodegradable Postal bags and Recyclable Boxes. Based near the Ocean in Cornwall, our primary drive for reducing our plastic waste is to preserve the beauty of our beaches and marine life. On countless occasions our lovely beach walks are spoiled by the site of plastic crisp packets and bottles. Furthermore, we actively encourage all suppliers to move away from unnecessarily wrapped sweets.


There are some fantastic charities out there like Surfers against Sewage, who work incredibly hard campaigning against single use plastics and organising events such as public beach cleans. However, they need the help of businesses of all sizes to stop the escalating issue at its source.

The Power is with the consumer and if everyone began switching to sustainable driven companies, the larger corporations would soon follow suit.

To find out more about Beach Cleans near you and more about the incredible work SAS have done and are doing, then head to:

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