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What do we do??

Our mission is to bring Rubydoobys customer the very best variety and highest quality Vegan Pick & Mix sweets whilst committing to only ever using Eco Friendly packaging materials. Take a look below for our Sweet and Packaging promises.


Our Sweet Promise

Our promise is to take the stress away from identifying Vegan only Pick & Mix, and providing convenience bliss when it comes to sweet shopping


We spend hours searching, making sure all our sweets are 100% vegan friendly by questioning manufacturers technical team to ensure we know the source of every dubious looking ingredient, is free from any kind of animal derived product.

Our sweets are always made to order so our sweets are always fresh so they can be enjoyed at their best! 

Here are some of the ingredients we look out for when finding the next addition; gelatine, beeswax, honey, milk, animal derived E numbers, egg and cochineal.

Our Packaging Promise

Every single element of packaging at Rubydoobys is either Recyclable, Biodegradable or Compostable meaning none of our packaging should end up landfil.

We keep our packaging as fitted as possible to the number of sweets ordered whilst still ensuring we give the best delivery prices possible through the Royal Mail and providing the best value sweets around!

Inside every order is a flyer including disposal instructions for every element of our packing. We hope customers are able to follow these instruction once they are done with their sweets! If you have any questions on our packaging disposal please do get in touch!

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