The HUGE 1.5kg Vegan sweet box comes packed full of all your favourite Vegan Pick and Mix Sweets. From Blue Raspberry bottles and Rainbow Tubes, to Fizzy Cherry’s Bottles and Sour Watermelons. The full list of Vegan sweets can be found here.


This box comes well presented and packed full of all you vegan sweet favorites with over 30 varieties - check them out on the 'our sweets' page!!


From 8 years of experience running a sweet shop we have a pretty good idea of the crowd pleasers and that’s why we’ve carefully chosen each Vegan sweet you see on our list.


To allow the title of 100% Recyclable, Compostable or Biodegradable, we’ve had to ditch some vegan sweets due to the extra wrapping used. But be sure we’re speaking to those suppliers to see if anything could be done to reduce unnecessary wrapper/packaging.


You can view our full vegan ingredients list here.


Included in this bag is a random assortment of 1.5kg of Vegan sweets. But don’t worry, there isn’t an aniseed ball insight.

Huge 1.5kg Vegan Sweet Box