What Sweets are Vegan?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Whilst many well known brands are dipping their toes into the vegan sweet market, the Vegan ranges still too often find themselves cast aside to the highest points of most supermarket shelves.

The Accidentally Vegan Sweets in Supermarkets Right Now

A sugar coated minefield awaits any shopper trying to fulfill their sugar fix and under the current circumstances, prolonged browsing time isn't exactly a luxury any of us have.

To aid your Vegan supermarket sweep we've compiled a list of all the very best Vegan sweets currently available.

Skittles (personal favorite)

Who knew tasting the rainbow could be so good for the planet? Skittles made the forward thinking decision back in 2009 to remove Gelatin from their sweets. Their range available in most supermarkets includes:

  • Standard Skittles

  • Sour Skittles

  • NEW - Fruit Chewy Skittle (no shell)


Whilst i remember when these were 45p for a large bag instead of £1.00 they are still a great addition to any vegan sweet fans secret draw. Tons of fab flavors but in most supermarkets you'll find the classic Bubblegum, Blackcurrant and Strawberry.

Jelly Tots

With a name like Jelly Tots you may think these fruity gems are aimed at children. You're probably right.... but i can rarely leave a supermarket without a "share" bag.


Definitively not one for the waste conscious when every individual sweet is wrapped but perhaps they would otherwise end up as one big fruity ball if not for the wrapping.

Starburst have released various flavours and combinations but none seem to stay on the supermarket shelves for long other than the trusty originals.


These old fashioned sweet shop favorites have been brought into the 21st century since removing the gelatin from much of the range. Whilst unfortunately Gelatin has yet to be removed from their Squashy's, they do have a considerable amount of vegan choices:

  • Candy Whistles

  • Double Lollies

  • Drumstick

  • Refresher Choos

  • Parma Violets

  • Rainbow Drops

  • Fruit Pops

  • Lovehearts

What Haribo are Vegan?

Only a select few Haribo have so far made the vegan cut. You're in luck if one of these are your favorite:

· Haribo Sour Rainbow Spaghetti

· Haribo Sour Rainbow Strips

· Haribo Sour Rainbow Twists

TOP TIP: You'll often find the Rainbow Twists in the foreign food isle so check there before losing all hope.

Tutti Frooties (Rowntrees) - Discontinued

Remember breaking your teeth on these as a youngster? Well turns out they are completely Vegan. However, don't get too excited because i've just found out they were discontinued last year. Perhaps all of the tooth chipping finally caught up to them. Who knows. They will be missed.

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