Just a Children's shop by the sea doing our bit for the planet...

Rubydooby's Beginnings

It was in the summer of 2010, whilst out walking our pet dog Bailey, in our beautiful home town of St. Ives in Cornwall that the Rubydooby's concept was born. Woolworths, well known for their large pick and mix range, children’s clothing and toys, had recently closed down.

It was a sad loss to the town however we saw this as an opportunity to open our own little children’s “woolies”.After a fair bit of brainstorming with other family members, we eventually came up with the name Rubydoobys.  A name we affectionally called our now, 15 year old daughter, Ruby.


Over the last couple years we've noticed whilst working at Rubydoobys, more and more people were requesting sweets according to their special dietary requirements; vegan sweets being the most sought after type...and so the idea of starting up our online vegan pick and mix website was born!

Driven by a passion for the environment and the very apparent affects of global warming and plastic waste, Rubydooby's online has gone completely Vegan and Zero Waste. We hope that you will support us on this journey in trying to reduce our impact on the planet!

We can't wait to see the response to the new direction Rubydooby's is taking and we thank you all for the support so far!!